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Chester Summer Basketball League Rules


  1. The games will be played in two, 20 minute halves
  2. The clock is a running clock for the first 18 minutes of the half (exception see #5)..
  3. The last 2 minutes of each half will have the clock stopped when a whistle is blown, similar to a normal basketball game.
  4. In the case that regulation time ends in a tie, one  2 minute overtime period will be played.  If still a tie after this overtime period, 1 minute overtime periods will be played until a winner is determined.
  5. The Clock will stop for all time-outs, including any called during the 1st 18 minutes of each half.
  6. The clock does not stop on a made basket. All players present must play a minimum of 15 minutes total in each half .  Referees or Staff administrators reserve the right to enforce this rule.
  7. Substitutions can be made at any time - to assist teams with this the referees will pause the game and suggest substitutions be made every 5 minutes or so. Only team members can be used for substitutions (as per roster).
  8. If a team has only 4 players - the game will be played with 4 players per side.
  9. If a team has less than 4 players they can choose another registered player within the same division to whose team is not already playing at that time to substitute.
  10. Substitute players will be allowed only if the substitute is already a league member within the same division. Substitute players are only permitted if a team has less than 5 players.  If another team member arrives after the start of the game then the substituted player will be replaced and will be done playing.
  11. If a team has less than 4 players, they will forfeit the game.  The game can be played with less than 4 players (see below) but it will not count in the standings.
  12. If 3 or fewer from EACH team show then a 1/2 court will be played, 2 on 2 or 3 on 3.  If additional players show up anytime after the start of the game the game will still be played 1/2 court, 3 on 3.  This game will not be counted in the standings.
  13. Whatever decisions are made by the division coordinator(s) present at the start of the game will be kept in effect for the duration of the game regardless of whether additional players for a team show up later or not.
  14. Standings will be calculated as the percentage of wins over total games played.  Ties within the standings will be broken using the following in order:
    1. Head to Head game win/loss
    2. Total points earned within Head to Head Play
    3. Total points earned within the regular season of play


  1. Each team will have 2 timeouts per half. 
  2. A timeout taken will stop the game clock.


  1. No one will foul out of the game and no individual personal fouls will be counted.
  2. All fouls called by the referee will go against the team.
  3. Offensive fouls will result in a change of possession.
  4. Defensive fouls will result in the offensive team with possession .
  5. After 7 team fouls, the opposing team will shoot 2 shots. The ball is live for the rebound on the second shot.
  6. Fouls called in the first 18 minutes will not stop the clock and fouls called in the last 2 minutes will stop the clock.
  7. If a player is abusing the foul rules because he cannot foul out, the referee can make that player sit for the remainder of the game at his/her discretion.

Score Keeping

  1. The team score will be kept at the scorers table.
  2. No individual statistics will be kept.
  3. Score keepers will report wins and losses to the site manager.


  1. Any player found to be using abusive or inappropriate language during the game will be given an automatic technical (2 shots plus loss of possession) and will count as a team foul.
  2. Excessive physical play during the game will result in an automatic technical (2 shots, plus loss of possession) and will count as a team foul.
  3. The role of the team captain is to organize the players on the court and call substitutions fairly.  the role of the captain is not to be a coach but a leader of the team.  All players are expected to respect each other and the role of the captain.
  4. Players should respectfully interact within the team to ensure fair play time, fair position play and a fun time playing the game of basketball.
  5. All Players are expected to wear their team shirt for all games.  If the shirt is unavailable, then a suitably colored shirt should be worn.
  6. While on the grounds of all Chester Summer Basketball locations, all players will respect all property, use appropriate language and stay clear of all construction zone areas.  Failure to adhere to this rule will result in automatic expulsion from the league for the remainder of the season.
  7. All Players are expected to pick up all debris and put it in a garbage can/bag.  The facilities we use should always be kept clean.
  8. Any and all alcoholic beverages are prohibited at CSB functions.
  9. Any repeat offenses of any manner (physical, verbal, disrespectful conduct towards others or the facility itself) and the player will be expelled from the league for the remainder of the season.

Team Rosters

  1. The Chester Summer Basketball League Division Coordinators will create the team rosters with an eye towards a fair distribution of talent and size to best equalize the teams.
  2. The Chester Summer Basketball League reserves the right to adjust team rosters at the sole discretion of the league at any time during the playing season.


 1. Any defense may be applied at the start of the tip off. If a team is up by 15 pts. that team may not full court press.