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Chester Summer Basketball - Summer 2016

Championship and All-Stars TONIGHT!


All Championship and All-Star games for ALL divisions will be played at Black River Middle School (BRMS) tonight, Thursday July 21st. This is a very fun and festive night with music, games and prizes!

Even if you are not playing come out and cheer for your friends!

Come early and stay for ALL the games, bring some food,drinks, family and friends and make a night of it!

Don't forget your cameras, chairs, blankets and sweatshirts for when the sun goes down!

A porto-toilet is located in the parking lot and you can use the restrooms in the school. Just please keep kids out of the school unless using the restrooms.

The schedule for Champs/All-Star Night at Black River Middle School:

5:30 BRMS Court 1 – Girls 5/6 All-Star Game

5:30 BRMS Court 2 – Boys 5/6 Champs Game - Cavs vs Knicks

6:30 BRMS Court 1 – Boys 5/6 All-Star Game

6:30 BRMS Court 2 – Girls 5/6 Champs Game - Storm vs Sparks

7:30 BRMS Court 1 – Girls 7/8/9 All-Star Game

7:30 BRMS Court 2 – Boys 7/8 Champs Game - Celtics vs Sixers

8:30 BRMS Court 1 – Boys 9 All-Star Game

8:30 BRMS Court 2 – Girls 7/8/9 Champs Game - Storm vs Shock

9:30 BRMS Court 1 – Boys 7/8 All-Star Game

9:30 BRMS Court 2 – Boys 9 Champs Game  - Bulls vs Celtics

PLEASE READ: The Essence of Chester Summer Basketball

Chester Summer Basketball was created to be playground/pickup basketball in a controlled environment. And like pickup games, the games are meant to be played without coaches and without coaching from parents and spectators. It is a league basically run by the youth, with adult coordinators present only as facilitators.

The referees are young kids, high-schoolers who have come through the program. They are not trained referees. They have been through a clinic and given some instruction but, they are not professional referees and are not expected to be. The refs are there simply to keep things under control and to give a little structure to the games. In trying to keep the pickup game feel, the refs have been instructed not to make every foul call and traveling violation or whateverParents and players are not allowed to question any calls made by the refs. These high school refs certainly don't deserve to be intimidated or heckled by parents. Please feel free to voice any concerns to any of the adult coordinators present.

The program as it is, is a great program that has grown from 40 kids to nearly 500 kids. The popularity of the program can be attributed to the fact that parents and players love the competitive yet laid back atmosphere. So come out and support your players and teams and remember that the car ride home is a great place to offer advice to your player.

CSB is not for profit and everyone involved is a volunteer except for the high school referees.

We love the fact that all of you have chosen to participate and hope you enjoy the Chester Summer Basketball experience.


The Coordinators of Chester Summer Basketball


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